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I am a biologist graduated from Universidad Nacional de Trujillo, Perú. I also have a graduate degree in Business Administration from the Graduate School of Business Administration ESAN (Lima-Perú). I work for the Resource Management Department of Solano County, in Fairfield, California as an Environmental Health Supervisor in the Technical Services Section of the Environmental Health Services Division. This section is comprised of a civil/environmental engineer and seven environmental health specialists. We regulate the countywide solid waste, liquid waste, water systems, land use and business licenses, biosolids, housing and institutions and vector control programs. I was the Program Manager in charge of the Local Enforcement Agency (LEA) activities in the Solid Waste Program from 1998 to June 2004.
I was also part of the Local Oversight Program (LOP) from 1993 to 1998. My task in this program was to oversee the remediation an cleanup of soil and groundwater, due to the unauthorized releases of hydrocarbons such as gasoline, diesel, waste oil, etc. from underground fuel storage tanks.  

It is a very interesting field which requires knowledge of sciences in hydrogeology, biology, chemistry, toxicology, statistics, etc. We made determinations of the risk associated to the petroleum releases based on information gathered from soil and groundwater investigations, which will be used in the risk assessment and corrective action, to protect human health and the environment.

In May, 1996 I graduated from the Master of Science Program in Environmental Management -
University of San Francisco, California, USA. My thesis was entitled "Characterization of Shallow Groundwater Contamination in the City of Vallejo, California, based in 5 Local Oversight Program Cases".

One of my goals as a professional is to work in international organizations involved in environmental health issues, such as the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO), or the World Health Organization (WHO). I am eager and ready to provide my knowledge and expertise in several environmental health programs, to improve the quality of life in Latin-American countries, where basic environmental health programs can be carried out to prevent the spreading of communicable diseases.

On the other hand, I like music a lot. I studied classical piano during 6 years at the Escuela Superior de Música "
Carlos Valderrama", in Trujillo, Perú, under the direction of Tula Li de Burgos. I like to play the piano, my synthesizer Yamaha, the guitar, recorder, cello, and some Peruvian typical instruments such as charango, zampoña, and quena, etc. I also like to sequence Midis, predominantly of Peruvian music. NoteWorthy Composer is the software program that I use to sequence the Midi files. I have a variety of midis such as Huaynos, Hymns, Marchs, Marineras, Polkas, Tonderos, Waltzes, Peruvian Carols, Mulizas, Festejos, Baladas, Boleros, Carnavales, Cumbias, Children, Rock, Yaravies, Andean  and Classical Peruvian music. I also have the Peruvian National Anthem or Himno Nacional del Perú. This is the official version.
I am the owner/creator, webmaster and web administrator of the Peruvian Musical Corner, which it is the best Peruvian musical web page worldwide. It contains files of Peruvian folk music in MIDI format: marineras, tonderos, valses, huaynos, marchas, himnos, huaylas, villancicos, clasicos, cumbias, festejos, rock, baladas, religiosa, piano, infantiles, carnavales, mulizas, etc. It is visited by Peruvians living in several countries around the world, who express their love for that beautiful country named Perú, each time they visit this web page.

My daughters
Amy & Bethany play in the Solano Suzuki Strings, in Fairfield, California. I also participate in this group as a pianist during their presentations or playing the cello in their country music repertoire.

Soccer or fútbol is my favorite sport. I play indoor soccer, and in the outdoor field. One of the best sports experiences of my life was to attend 5 games in the World Soccer Cup, which was held in the USA-1994. My soccer team is known as
The Fairfield Arsenal. This soccer team is made of players from different countries such as Perú, USA, Mexico, El Salvador, Fiji, Ecuador..... We play in the Soccer Center of Excellence, Indor/Outdoor COED League in Vacaville. I am also part of the coaching group for the Fairfield-Suisun Youth Soccer League. I was the Head Coach for the U-10 Ladybugs Youth Soccer Team and the Solano CyberRays, a U-12 Metro Girls Select Traveling Soccer Team. I was also the Assistant Coach for the Solano Predators, a U-13 Class I Competitive Soccer Team. I am currently the Trainer for the U-14, Class 3 Vacaville Thunder Girls Soccer Team, this team belongs to the Vacaville United Soccer Club, in Vacaville, California. I currently coach the U-8 Vacaville Ladybugs and the U-19 Vacaville CyberRays Girls soccer teams in Vacaville.
My favorite soccer team is Universitario de Deportes. This is the best Peruvian soccer team, which has given Perú glory and pride at the international level in the Peruvian soccer history.

I follow daily news through newspapers and magazines from
Trujillo (the city where I was born) and Perú, such as La Industria, La República, Revista Caretas, Radio Programas del Perú via internet and Canal Sur Peru.

Any questions regarding my hobbies or professional activities,
please, send me an e-mail at:

¡¡¡ Viva el Perú !!!

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